Self-Leadership for companies
Build a meaningful culture enhancing responsibility

A unique training-coaching program for your executives and managers


of the program



To become aware of one's own strengths and paradoxes, emotional intelligence and energy. management.



Position oneself by balancing one's personal needs and ambition on one hand, the company’s expectations on the other hand



To reveal one’s values in action, to give oneself meaning in one’s missions, to encourage projects useful to one’s own development as well as to the development of the company.



Build an action plan and mobilize resources to fully embody one's role and embrace one's own responsibilities.

A win-win program
for the company and its managers

Embrace one's role

Self-Leadership is an interactive program that allows executives to reposition themselves in the complexity of their environment, to become aware of their behaviors, to focus on their deep motivations and to have the courage to put in place an action plan.

Double-bottom-line results

For managers and executives:
- Awareness and the ability to step back
- Initiative and innovation
- Confidence, serenity, better management of personal energy
- Mobility and professional development

For the company:
- Increasing autonomy, self-responsibility and initiative
- Acceptance of complexity and implementation of change
- Mobilization of networks and communities of practice
- Development of collective intelligence

A mutual investment

As of the beginning of the program, participants become owners of their learning. And thus of their success.

Individually and autonomously, they take part in training for each stage of the programme on our high-quality e-learning platform. They acquire the key concepts of the program and appropriate them with questions about their practice.

Autonomously again, participants evaluate themselves towards each dimension of our various, innovative and validated diagnosis tools.

In groups of 4 or 6, they then benefit from coaching sessions led by a certified coach. They compare their results, learn from each other, guide each other step by step towards the best ways to translate their learning into practice.

Finally, everyone writes a final report, a real roadmap from which he will extract a "pitch" which he will present to his management.

Step of the way

Step 1

My role at work

Step 2

My personality at work

Step 3

My development drivers

Step 4

My evolution scenarios

Step 5

My impact
le parcours self leadership

The program in keywords


Become aware of one’s role and responsibilities,
Project oneself and take initiative towards complexity.
Develop the confidence to impact one’s environment
Set up responsible development scenarios by mobilizing one's stakeholders.

In order for each manager to become a key player of the company’, this formula is focused on finding meaning in one's commitment towards the company (personal and collective projects).



Kick-off with the participants' management to set framework and golas

4 steps involving:
- Individual work on our high-quality e-learning platform
- Assessments based on 8 innovative and validated diagnostic tools
- 4 sessions of 4 hours in groups of 6 (face-to-face) or 8 sessions of 2 hours to 4 (online), led by a coach certified by the University of Geneva
- Writing a personal roadmap for each participant

Debriefing session with presentation of individual roadmaps to management.
Links to company developments.

Adapting to your needs

The possibility of running the programme in person or online.

The coach guides his team throughout the program by integrating the challenges of the company.

The Program Director exchanges with Management on collective developments.

Participants can be integrated into project or ideation groups in parallel

The wrap-up session is prepared to integrate individual results with the needs of the company.

The program is designed with a win-win goal:
- to the benefit of the individual who becomes fully involved in his mission
- to that of the company that benefits from its impact centered on its own challenges.

Personal investment
50 hours over 6 months as follows:

12h of individual and autonomous training via the e-learning platform
10h of personal assessment
20h of coaching in group
4h of writing the final report
4h of debriefing session


Between 5'500 and 6'500 CHF per person according to the formula

What about reliability?

Facts and figures
50 hours
The average number of hours invested by our participants in the Self-Learning Program
The number of people who have benefited from the Self-Leadership Program
The pourcentage of participants who have taken the driver's seat of their professional life by implementing one of their scenarios
These results have boosted initiative, responsibility and collective intelligence within the beneficiary companies

Your guarantee :

Self-leadership has been developed at the University of Geneva, member of the European top 20 and the world top 60 in the Shanghai ranking.

Every year, around 15 researchers, managers and coaches invest around 300 hours in R&D and continuous improvement around the programme.

The coaches are all certified by the University of Geneva.

Each program is supervised by a Program Director, responsible for the application of the quality criteria.

A numbered certificate is given to each participant completing the program.