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How can you find meaning in your job?

You own the answer, we lead you to find it
Avoid misconceptions about career transitions
Become aware of your potential
Become the best version of yourself.

Une formation gratuite
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De quoi suis-je capable ? Les opportunités que je vois sont-elles une chimère ou un défi à entreprendre ? Est-il illusoire de vouloir trouver du sens à mon travail ? Sur quoi m'appuyer si je suis dans le brouillard ? Nous nous posons beaucoup de questions, qui ont tendance à nous détourner de la réponse que nous aimerions y apporter.

Cette formation gratuite vous aide à éviter les erreurs classiques avant de vous lancer dans votre prochaine évolution professionnelle.

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Let your peers
highlight your potential

360° by SLL
offre 360 by SLL
Ask about 15 people to answer 32 questions about your role at work
rapport offre 360 self leadership lab
Receive your personal 42-page report.
webinaire interactif self leadership lab
Take a 1.5 hour interactive webinar to get the most out of your report
Become aware of your potential

Your 360° by SLL

Discover your potential
The 360° by SLL offers you the diagnosis that allows you to get out of your only vision of yourself. How do others perceive you today and tomorrow?
Want to benefit from it? Receive the link, conduct your 360° survey, receive your report and participate in our webinar on June 21, 2022, from 12:30 to 2:00 pm.

The Self-Leadership Journey to become
the best version of yourself.

Our remote training and coaching program

This version of the Self-Leadership program is designed for people seeking to grow by finding meaning in their professional commitment. Made up of short and iterative sequences, all of which can be followed remotely, it alternates between 4 learning modes that together lead you to  design your professional development scenarios:

Your individual reflection on an e-learning platform
Your self-assessment with 8 diagnostic tools
Visualizing your strengths during the 8 co-coaching sessions
Formalizing your projects during our 10 webinars

The benefits

The Self-Leadership program, a pioneering pedagogy
les avantages self leadership lab

Benefit #1

Full awareness of your professional added value.

Benfit #2

Self-acceptance of your  paradoxes and creativity

Benefit #3

Clarity about your personal compass

Benefit #4

The confidence to act

Your Self-Leadership journey

Your professional development is in your hands

Taking time for yourself and giving yourself the means to grow professionally is anything but selfish. It is the condition to contribute to your environment, whether it is towards your loved ones or at work.

The program in detail

Develop your scenarios to become the best version of yourself, and gain the confidence to implement them. This is neither a right nor a duty. It's a decision to take charge of your professional life.

Next session : 19th of May 2022

Testimonials from our community

Being aware of your behaviors
Sticking to your values

Use Case

Maaike was hesitating between her two jobs: her practice as a nutritionist and her possible evolution within a health institution.

During the Self-Leadership program, she identified that what motivated her was to help people maintain their balance after weight loss.
She has designed her scenarios around that passion, impacting her independent and institutional activities successfully.

She recently published her first book about life and weight changes.

Maaike Kruseman

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