360° by SLL
A new horizon revealed by your peers


Taking responsibility
is taking a role

But how can we take on a role that is satisfying for oneself
and that meets the expectations of the company?

Companies are demanding. And often in a paradoxical way. They want more coaching and more leadership. Compliance and initiative. How do we figure it out?

People no longer want to wear masks. They want meaning. They want balance. They want to be themselves in their role. And this is even more true in this post-Covid period.

How can we combine these contradictory injunctions? We must first diagnose the role we play. Expert, manager, leader or coach? See also what potential the environment perceives. Understand that no one is in a position to do everything. And choose which posture to develop. while taking into account the needs of its environment.

Our 360° by SLL questionnaire provides an update on the role played by each manager and its potential. And to realize that to give priority to one role is to give up another.



Expert, manager, leader or coach: our 360° by SLL diagnoses what role one plays.



Our 360° by SLL also identifies what other roles we are likely to play.



The Self-Leadership program then develops the roles that we want to play.

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Self-Leadership Lab

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Guarantee the validity of the tool and its results.

2 options

You can use our 360° by SLL questionnaire for yourself or your organization.

You represent a company?
Choose a cohort of your executives and offer to pass the 360° by SLL. Each will receive an individual report and a 90' debrief with an accredited coach. You will benefit from a clear vision of the roles currently played by your managers and their potential for evolution. You will have in hand the elements of a fruitful dialogue

You are an individual?
Order the 360° by SLL online, receive the link to choose who will give you their perception of the role you play, and drive the assessment process. Then receive your 42-page report and participate in a webinar with Jean-Yves Mercier to better understand your results.. Identify the role you want to play in order to feel your aspirations and impact your environment.

Our uniqueness

The classic 360° questionnaires measure the perception of our environment towards our skills, to point out those that we need to improve.

360° by SLL focuses on our roles. Which of the 4 ways to carry out our responsibility - expertise, management, coaching and leadership -, do we prefer? And what posture do we have the potential to take?

The goal is no longer to improve a weakness compared to the expectations of the company, but to consciously CHOOSE a posture, a role that corresponds to us as much as it corresponds to our environment.

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The result you get

The 42 pages of the report offer you unparalleled depth of reflection on how you are perceived in your role at work. The individual debrief or group webinar allows you to take advantage of it.

1/ What exactly do these roles that we can play by carrying out our responsibilities mean: expert, manager, coach and leader? 2/ Depending on your environment, which ones do you play?  And which ones do you have the potential to play?
3/ Does this correspond to your expectations of yourself?  To the expectations of your environment?
4/ What role do you choose to play?  And which roles do you give up?

“I gained explicit clarity about my previously unconscious posture.
I was impressed by the precision of the report. “
Laurent, Manager ISO

360° by SLL is the perfect way to start thinking about your Self-Leadership.

Every journey starts with a diagnosis.

Where do you start?