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Understand the expectations towards one's role
Giving meaning to one's action
Develop a transmission culture

The 360° by SLL

Understand the expectations towards one's role
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Faced with the complexity of the environment, faced with your organization's need for agility, your managers must demonstrate leadership, coaching, and management abilities.

Where do you come from to achieve this ambition?

Our 360° questionnaire allows you to take stock of the role taken by each person by answering these 3 questions:

1/ What roles (expert, manager, coach, leader) do they play?
2/ How well do they play them? Are they aware of it?
3/ And which roles do they have the potential to develop?

Traditional 360° questionnaires measure our environment's perception of our competencies, in order to identify those that we need to improve.

The 360° by SLL focuses on our roles. Followed by a debriefing, the 360° by SLL allows your managers and executives to take stock before defining their own ambition,

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The Self-Leadership program

To give meaning to one's actions and to take one's place in the face of permanent change

Self-Leadership is an interactive program that allows executives to become aware of their behaviors, to focus on their deepest motivations and to find the meaning of their contribution to change.

This 6-month training and coaching program combines individual work on an e-learning platform, assessments by diagnostic tools and group sessions with a professional coach certified by the University of Geneva.

The feedback from our participants shows that they have gained in :

Awareness and hindsight
Confidence, serenity,
better management of
one's energy
Ability for initiative and innovation
Mobility and professional development

Your company's
coaching academy

Develop a different way of leading and influencing

Executives who have benefited from the Self-Leadership program can be trained as coaches in their turn. They are supervised throughout their first group and supported by their peers.

More than 60 managers have been trained and supervised as coaches to date. The results are impressive:
- The same impact for the coachees as with professional coaches
- And the development of the coaches' transversal skills.

Our clients who have chosen to develop an internal coaching academy have done so primarily for financial reasons. To provide coaching to more executives at an optimal cost.

They quickly noticed that a coaching philosophy was spreading throughout the company and changing the management culture. Some even decided to offer this service to their business partners.

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Talent management

Meeting the need for meaning

Change and balance

The 360° by SLL, the Self-Leadership course and our internal coaching academy offer support your executives towards agile, transversal and networked. behaviors

These solutions also allow you to meet the needs of your talents in a period where the new generation's and the post-Covid needs for meaning are raising.

21st century and complexity

Carrying responsibility has nothing to do with what it meant 20 years ago. It is no longer a matter of applying management rules, but of navigating a complex and uncertain world. Decisions can no longer be reported to upper management levels, everyone has to make the right choice at their level of responsibility. The company needs people who know how to take the initiative, people who have a "backbone" in their management posture. Individuals need meaning, a meaning that is carried by the company's vision, and that corresponds to their aspirations. Self-Leadership is the win-win way to combine these two needs.

Our solutions help your executives to develop their own leadership, based on their aspirations and skills, while understanding the world around them.

The concept behind our solutions
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Some of our coaches

They support your goals through the Self-Leadership Lab solutions
photo martine corthésy, coach self leadership lab
Martine Corthésy
photo philippe poirot, coach self leadership lab
Philippe Poirot
photo patricia schwartz, coach self leadership lab
Patricia Scchwartz

The benefits

Connecting the company and its human capital
les avantages self leadership lab

Benefit #1

The answer to the need for meaning that makes everyone involved.

Benefit #2

3 complementary solutions to progress step by step towards responsible leadership

Benefit #3

Innovative tools and coaches certified by a top 20 European university.

Benfit #4

The guarantee of success: 92% of our beneficiaries put their conclusions into practice.

Testimonial from our community

Yvoine McCort, Air Liquide Australia

Use Case

use case nicolas self leadership lab

Nicolas is transforming his organization towards empowerment thanks to autonomous micro-teams. Line managers must learn to support these teams instead of telling them what to do. The Top Management must set up new circles of governance and learn to interact with them. The rules of the game must be continuously invented.

Nicolas chose to offer the Self-Leadership program to all the managers, so that they could redefine their mission according to this change as well as to their personal aspirations.

New functions appeared and all were able to find their balance while developing their skills in the face of change.

Nicolas Chevrey
Director of Operations at NOMAD - Home Care Institution

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