Self-Leadership for Individuals
Your journey to the best version of yourself

A training and coaching program unlike any other.

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The aims of the
Self-Leadership program



Become aware of your strengths as of your drivers. Build your own added value.



Position yourself towards your responsibilities and your personal aspirations, embody your role.



Identify the ideals that guide you and confront them at your current stage of life.



Formalize the scenarios of your evolution so that they ae obvious to implement.

The benefits

Spread your wings.

Self-Learning is an interactive program that allows you to reposition yourself in the complexity of your environment, to become aware of your behaviors, to focus on your deep motivations and to have the courage to put in place a concrete action plan.

A genuine difference.

Become aware of your assets in the face of uncertainty
Project into complexity based on your life drivers
Develop self-confidence to impact your environment
Improve your evolution scenarios by mobilizing your network

Let's talk about reliability

Self-leadership has been developed within the University of Geneva, member of the European top 20 and the world top 60 in the Shanghai ranking.

Since 2008, every year, about fifteen researchers, managers and coaches invest around 300 hours in R&D and continuous improvement around the program.

More than 2,000 people have benefited from it, and 92% of them have actively taken their professional lives into their hands.

This completely online version allows you to benefit from Self-Leadership wherever you are. It is an innovative formula successfully used at the University of Geneva.

The steps of the journey

Step 1

What role to play at work?

Step 2

My personality in action

Step 3

The drivers of my development

Step 4

My Evolution Scenarios
les étapes du parcours sll

Online Program and Collective Intelligence

A journey at your own pace

Fully online format (e-learning, autonomous co-coaching between peers, webinars)

Format focused on collective intelligence through co-coaching between participants

Flexible formula and autonomous driving (only webinars are on a fixed date)

The process in detail

Kick-off webinar with all participants

For each of the steps:
- Individual work on a high-quality e-learning platform
- A personal diagnosis using innovative and recognized tools
- Co-coaching in pairs or in groups thanks to a questioning guide
- In-depth webinars with Jean-Yves Mercier

At the end of the journey:
- Writing a personal roadmap setting out your career development scenarios
- Webinar to close and validate your reports.

The benefits of co-coaching

Developed by Otto Scharmer at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Henry Mintzberg at McGill University in Montreal, co-coaching is a practice that combines autonomy, flexibility and the impact of personality confrontation.

You no longer develop only by becoming aware of your personal assets, but also by:

- Identifying your difference and your added value
- Coaching your peers as a way to amplify your own thinking
- The confidence developed by the sum of the looks that encourage you to become yourself
- Active responsibility for the implementation of your conclusions

Personal involvement
65 hours in 6 months:

16h of individual remote training via the e-learning
16h platform for autonomous delivery of personal diagnostic tests
17h of co-coaching self-organized, in person or remotely
1o webinars of 1h30 with fixed dates
6h of writing of the final report


1’900 CHF (approximately 1’900 euros)

Proof of concept

Key points
You are at the center of your professional development throughout the course.
The number of people who have benefited from the Self-Leadership Program.
The number of people who have put one of their scenarios in place and taken their professional life in hand.
Long term
2/3 of the groups of participants continue to support each other over the long term.

Flexibility for everyone:

This online format allows you to benefit from Self-Leadership wherever you are.
The 10 90-minute webinars are on a fixed date.
The rest of the training consists of autonomous individual work on the platform, and self-organized group work.

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